Open Your Eyes to Hate

My role: Campaign Director (Breakthrough Media), for UK Government clients

Open Your Eyes to Hate (OYE2Hate) is a cross-channel social publishing brand created to undermine and reduce engagement with far-right groups, influencers and narratives in the UK.

This video went viral, achieving over 4 million views on Facebook and 1.6 million on YouTube

We produced hard-hitting interviews with ex-members of far-right organisations, and an interactive video called Choices which dramatised the experience of being recruited into the far right based on the lived-experiences of people who were themselves recruited into a far right groups.

Within the first month of launch over 147,000 people engaged with the interactive Choices video, with a 6.5-minute average dwell time. A third of users were individuals who engaged with far-right narratives and groups online. Another third were individuals following far-right influencers online.

Watch the interactive film here: