Not Another Brother

My role: Campaigns Consultant, Verbalisation

Award: Silver DMA award, MAA award for ‘Charity Brand Strategy.’

#NotAnotherBrother was launched in 2015 by the Quilliam Foundation, with strategic communications support from Verbalisation (who also produced the campaign’s content and distribution strategy). The campaign’s main video tells the powerful story of a young man who only comes to realise his mistakes after it’s too late.

The video was disseminated primarily via Twitter, where a campaign-specific hashtag #NotAnotherBrother helped to spread the counter-narrative content.

The campaign challenges aspects of extreme Islamist recruitment narratives by addressing the harsh realities of fighting abroad. The campaign’s call-to-action, asking people to share the video, proved simple but effective.

It is the most viewed counter-extremism campaign of all time, with more than half a billion media impressions globally. It is now used by the United Nations, the US State Department and the US Department of Defense in their counter-radicalisation work – and countless UK schools in their PSHE classes.